OSU BPP Spring Seminar series video recordings

Check out the spring seminar videos for the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Oregon State Unviersity.

Welcoming Andrew Tupper to the lab!

Dr. Andrew Tupper joins our group as a postdoc to conduct comparative genomic approaches on _P. ramorum_.

Congratulations, Dr. Foster!

Congratulations to Zach Foster on graduating with a Ph.D. in Molecualr and Cellular Biology from Oregon State University.

Congratulations, Dr. Shakya!

Congratulations to Shankar Shakya on graduating with a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Oregon State University.

Postdoc positions

We are currently searching for two postdoc positions to work on _Phytophthora ramorum_ population genomics, comparative genomics, ecology, evolution, transcriptomes as well as signatures of microbiomes associated with sudden oak death.

National Phytophthora Preparedness Workshop, Melbourne, Australia

Thanks for inviting me to give a keynote talk at the National _Phytophthora_ preparedness workshop in Melbourne, Australia.

Open Plant Pathology (OPP) interview

__OPP__ provides a series of interviews with scientists in __Plant Pathology__ or related areas who have embraced open science and contributed knowledge and tools to advance the field. OPP is a community of plant pathologists, mostly computationally-oriented, that supports several forms of Open Science practices. We support efforts from individuals or groups to develop and deliver next-generation databases and tools for plant pathology-related subjects and applications using open source software, data and repositories.

CIP Workshop in Lima, Peru

Thanks for inviting me to give a seminar and workshop on our R population genetic and genomic tools during the CIP workshop 'New tools for understanding late blight resistance and population structure of _Phytophthora infestans_' in Lima, Peru.

Metacoder heat-tree wins PLoS t-shirt competition

Congratulations to Zach Foster on recognition of his metacoder package and the new heat-tree concept.

Bill Fry retires

Congratulations to Bill Fry on his retirement.