Welcome to the Phytophthora research lab in Corvallis. We combine basic tools from genomics, epidemiology, and bioinformatics, with translational research approaches to strategically address some of the fundamental challenges posed by plant diseases caused by the genus Phytophthora.

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Congrats to Javier Tabima on being awarded OSU Bayley Fellowship

Congratulations to Javier Tabima, Ph.D. student in the Grunwald lab, for being awarded the Lenore Bayley Graduate Fellowship for 2016-2017! This award is based on "academic performance and promise for the future” and there is only one given each year, and the nominees vying for the award come from all Departments across the OSU campus. So, this is a prestigious (and well-deserved!) honor.

Five Reasons to Consider Phytophthora infestans a Reemerging Pathogen

Fry WE, Birch PRJ, Judelson HS, Grünwald NJ, Danies G, Everts KL, Gevens AJ, Gugino BK, Johnson DA, Johnson SB, McGrath MT, Myers KL, Ristaino JB, Roberts PD, Secor G, Smart CD. Five Reasons to Consider Phytophthora infestans a Reemerging Pathogen. PHYTOPATHOLOGY 2015;105:966-981.