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Grünwald NJ, Workneh F, Hu S, van Bruggen AHC. Comparison of an in vitro and a damping-off assay to test soils for suppressiveness to Pythium aphanidermatum. European Journal of Plant Pathology 1997;103:55-63.
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Grünwald NJ, Flier WG, Sturbaum AK, Garay-Serrano E, van den Bosch TBM, Smart CD, Matuszak JM, Lozoya-Saldana H, Turkensteen LJ, Fry WE. Population structure of Phytophthora infestans in the Toluca valley region of central Mexico. Phytopathology 2001;91:882-890. (268.19 KB)
Flier WG, Grünwald NJ, Kroon LPNM, van den Bosch TBM, Garay-Serrano E, Lozoya-Saldana H, Bonants PJM, Turkensteen LJ. Phytophthora ipomoeae sp nov., a new homothallic species causing leaf blight on Ipomoea longipedunculata in the Toluca Valley of central Mexico. Mycological Research 2002;106:848-856. (358.09 KB)
Grünwald NJ, Hinojosa MAC, Covarrubias OR, Pena AR, Niederhauser JS, Fry WE. Potato cultivars from the Mexican National Program: Sources and durability of resistance against late blight. Phytopathology 2002;92:688-693. (262.6 KB)
Grünwald NJ, Montes GR, Saldana HL, Covarrubias OAR, Fry WE. Potato late blight management in the Toluca Valley: Field validation of SimCast modified for cultivars with high field resistance. Plant Disease 2002;86:1163-1168. (114.46 KB)
Grünwald NJ, Goodwin SB, Milgroom MG, Fry WE. Analysis of genotypic diversity data for populations of microorganisms. Phytopathology 2003;93:738-746. (200.25 KB)
Flier WG, Grünwald NJ, Kroon LPNM, Sturbaum AK, van den Bosch TBM, Garay-Serrano E, Lozoya-Saldana H, Fry WE, Turkensteen LJ. The population structure of Phytophthora infestans from the Toluca Valley of central Mexico suggests genetic differentiation between populations from cultivated potato and wild Solanum spp. Phytopathology 2003;93:382-390. (152.56 KB)
Grünwald NJ, Coyne CJ. Second International Aphanomyces Workshop. In: Proceedings of the Second International Aphanomyces Workshop. Pasco, Washington: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service; 2003 (2.35 MB)