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The plant destroyer genus Phytophthora in the 21st century

TitleThe plant destroyer genus Phytophthora in the 21st century
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsGuha-Roy, S, Grünwald, NJ
JournalRev. Plant Pathol.
Start Page387-412
Date Published2014

The 21st century has already seen a major paradigm shift in our understanding of the biology, evolution, and genetics of the genus Phytophthora as well as the tools and approaches used to develop novel approaches for disease management. The combination of novel tools and approaches provided by the convergence of genome sequencing, computing power and novel genomic/biotechnological tools paints a promising picture of the future of Phytophthora disease management. At the same time Phytophthora pathogens continue to emerge at an accelerated rate due to increased global travel and trade. This article provides a brief review of the impact, biology and the current genome-enabled era that will characterize progress in the 21st century.

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