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Akamatsu, HO, Niklaus J Grünwald, MI Chilvers, LD Porter, and TL Peever. Development Of Codominant Simple Sequence Repeat, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism And Sequence Characterized Amplified Region Markers For The Pea Root Rot Pathogen, Aphanomyces Euteiches. Journal Of Microbiological Methods 71 (2007): 82-86.


Infantino, A, M Kharrat, L Riccioni, CJ Coyne, KE McPhee, and Niklaus J Grünwald. Screening Techniques And Sources Of Resistance To Root Diseases In Cool Season Food Legumes. Euphytica 147 (2006): 201-221.
Lozoya-Saldana, H, L Guzman-Galindo, SP Fernandez-Pavia, Niklaus J Grünwald, and E McElhinny. Phytophthora Infestans (Mont.) De Bary. I. Host-Pathogen Specificity And Resistance Components. Agrociencia 40 (2006): 205-217.
Lozoya-Saldana, H, D Perales-Rosas, SP Fernandez-Pavia, and Niklaus J Grünwald. Characterization Of Phytophthora Infestans (Mont.) De Bary. Ii. Subpopulations Obtained From Wild Solanum Species. Agrociencia 40 (2006): 325-333.
Tyler, BM, S Tripathy, XM Zhang, P Dehal, RHY Jiang, A Aerts, FD Arredondo, et al. Phytophthora Genome Sequences Uncover Evolutionary Origins And Mechanisms Of Pathogenesis. Science 313 (2006): 1261-1266.
Kang, SC, JE Blair, DM Geiser, CH Khang, SY Park, M Gahegan, K O'Donnell, et al. Plant Pathogen Culture Collections: It Takes A Village To Preserve These Resources Vital To The Advancement Of Agricultural Security And Plant Pathology. Phytopathology 96 (2006): 920-925.
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Garnica, DP, AM Pinzon, LM Quesada-Ocampo, AJ Bernal, E Barreto, Niklaus J Grünwald, and S Restrepo. Survey And Analysis Of Microsatellites From Transcript Sequences In Phytophthora Species: Frequency, Distribution, And Potential As Markers For The Genus. Bmc Genomics 7 (2006).
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Grünwald, Niklaus J, AK Sturbaum, GR Montes, EG Serrano, H Lozoya-Saldana, and WE Fry. Selection For Fungicide Resistance Within A Growing Season In Field Populations Of Phytophthora Infestans At The Center Of Origin. Phytopathology 96 (2006): 1397-1403.
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