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Haas, BJ, S Kamoun, MC Zody, RHY Jiang, RE Handsaker, LM Cano, M Grabherr, et al. Genome Sequence And Analysis Of The Irish Potato Famine Pathogen Phytophthora Infestans. Nature 461 (2009): 393-398.


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Coyne, CJ, LD Porter, DA Inglis, Niklaus J Grünwald, KE McPhee, and FJ Muehlbauer. Registration Of W6 26740, W6 26743, And W6 26745 Green Pea Germplasm Resistant To Fusarium Root Rot. Journal Of Plant Registrations 2 (2008): 137-139.
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Malvarez, G, I Carbone, Niklaus J Grünwald, KV Subbarao, M Schafer, and LM Kohn. New Populations Of Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum From Lettuce In California And Peas And Lentils In Washington. Phytopathology 97 (2007): 470-483.
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