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Cardenas, M, A Grajales, R Sierra, A Rojas, A Gonzalez-Almario, A Vargas, M Marin, et al. Genetic Diversity Of Phytophthora Infestans In The Northern Andean Region. Bmc Genetics 12 (2011).
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Grünwald, Niklaus J, FN Martin, MM Larsen, CM Sullivan, CM Press, MD Coffey, EM Hansen, and JL Parke. A Sequence-Based Phytophthora Identification Tool. Plant Disease 95 (2011): 337-342.
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Mitchell, MN, CM Ocamb, Niklaus J Grünwald, LE Mancino, and DH Gent. Genetic And Pathogenic Relatedness Of Pseudoperonospora Cubensis And P. Humuli. Phytopathology 101 (2011): 805-818.
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Goss, EM, ME Cardenas, K Myers, GA Forbes, WE Fry, S Restrepo, and Niklaus J Grünwald. The Plant Pathogen Phytophthora Andina Emerged Via Hybridization Of An Unknown Phytophthora Species And The Irish Potato Famine Pathogen, P. Infestans. Plos One 6 (2011).
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Vercauteren, A, M Larsen, EM Goss, Niklaus J Grünwald, M Maes, and K Heungens. Identification Of New Polymorphic Microsatellite Markers In The Na1 And Na2 Lineages Of Phytophthora Ramorum. Mycologia 103 (2011): 1245-1249.
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Vercauteren, A, I De Dobbelaere, Niklaus J Grünwald, P Bonants, E Van Bockstaele, M Maes, and K Heungens. Clonal Expansion Of The Belgian Phytophthora Ramorum Populations Based On New Microsatellite Markers. Molecular Ecology 19 (2010): 92-107.
Anderson, CM, GJ Aparicio, AR Atangana, J Beaulieu, MW Bruford, F Cain, T Campos, et al. Permanent Genetic Resources Added To Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 December 2009-31 January 2010. Molecular Ecology Resources 10 (2010): 576-579.
Kang, S, MA Mansfield, B Park, DM Geiser, KL Ivors, MD Coffey, Niklaus J Grünwald, FN Martin, CA Levesque, and JE Blair. The Promise And Pitfalls Of Sequence-Based Identification Of Plant-Pathogenic Fungi And Oomycetes. Phytopathology 100 (2010): 732-737.
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Rauscher, G, I Simko, H Mayton, M Bonierbale, CD Smart, Niklaus J Grünwald, A Greenland, and WE Fry. Quantitative Resistance To Late Blight From Solanum Berthaultii Cosegregates With Rpi-Ber: Insights In Stability Through Isolates And Environment. Theoretical And Applied Genetics 121 (2010): 1553-1567.


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