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20 years of P. ramorum in nurseries

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Phytophthora ramorum has been found in nurseries over the past 20 years. The Grunwald lab receives samples from various sources, including state and federal agencies, universities, and scientists around the country. Most are received so that the sample can be genotyped with microsatellite markers that are used identify the clonal lineage. However, during the course of evaluating these samples, we have accumulated a large amount of data about these samples, where they're from, what lineage they belong to, and what host they're from. Below are summaries that I created using the data from P. ramorum collected over the past 20 years.

There are a total of 995 samples!

Isolates come from different hosts. Below are simple pie charts showing the top 10 hosts for each clonal lineage:

Note here how the top 10 hosts of EU1 are different than for NA1. Some of this may be due to sampling bias.

Like the EU1 lineage, most NA2 were collected from Rhododendron:

These isolates are from 7 countries and 25 states! You can browse the map below that has just the US counties:

Want to browse this data more?

Browse data here: Pramorum on Google Fusion.